About Us


The Company originally commenced its operaitons in the year 1970 as a registered partnership firm, called. M/s. Mohamed Idris Bros, a time when there was no quality consciousness and differentiation in the Lungi market.

Seizing the Opportunity - Having discovered a dormant market that was neither contemporary nor fashionable, the Company aimed to break the mold by offering a completely new line of stylish and comfortable Lungies that were no doubt distinctive, inspirational and bore an unmistakable hint of masculine richness.

Designed as no Lungi in the world, the sleek and soft KIBS Lungi not only wrapped itself around a man's body, but also defined his individualism, his sense of success. The KIBS approach was fresh, setting a standard for the new vision of Lungi and KIBS never looked back.

In 1989, the Company was incorporated as a private limited concern under the name - M/s.Mohamed Idris Bros Private Limited and. The Company also entered into the hosiery market, through another private limited concern, under the name of M/s.KIBS Hosiery Mills Private Limited.

KIBS produces and delivers 100% authentic handlooms products and continues to employ the traditional Indian hand loom methods for its top range lungies and hand kerchiefs. Second quality lungies are made from Power looms. KIBS also hosts the state of the art hosiery and knitting machines for its international quality vests, briefs and other range products for men, women and children.

The Company uses eco friendly and non-irritating dyes and chemicals during the manufacturing process, and bio degradable material for product packaging.The Company does a comprehensive effluent treatment for all our dyeing and bleaching processes, resulting in recycling and reuse of resources, wherever applicable.

The present Authorised Capital of KIBS Group of Companies the Flagship Company, is Rs.1500 Lakhs and the Paid up Capital is Rs.1000 Lakhs. Currently, the aggregate Sales Turnover of both the Companies hovers between Rs. 100 crores.

Our Products
Lungies 95%
Vests 85%
Briefs 70%
Ladies Bathik Lungies, Halfsarees and Panties 60%