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M/s. MOHAMAD IDRIS BROTHERS PVT LTD., was registered as a Partnership firm in 1970 and incorporated as a Private Limited Company on 08-12-1989. The Company Manufactures Handloom Lungies and Kerchiefs in the Name of KIBS Brand. We are the only Major Manufacturer of Handloom Lungies in Indian Market. Our KIBS Lungies are make with high quality of Combed Yarn in different Counts like 100x100, 80x80, 60x40(for Handloom Lungies) and 40x40( for Powerloom Lungies). The finished goods supplied by the Weavers are checked for Quality, Branded and released for Sale. The Quality is controlled internally by our qualified staff.We are having more than 32 years Experience in the Manufacture, Sale and Exporter of Handloom Lungies and Kerchiefs. In 1989, the company was incorporated as a private limited concern - M/s KIBS HOSIERY MILLS PRIVATE LIMITED, manufacturer of Vests & Briefs in the Name of KIBS Brand.

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The lungi is a garment worn around the waist in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & yanmar (formerly Burma).

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A KIBS Vests & Briefs is defined by its simplicity, proving that great design and creativity.

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A KIBS Brief / Underwears will also always look new, wash after wash, thanks to hot process dyeing that ensures long lasting.

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We are the specialist for the Ladies Ayesha Bathik Lungies and Teens Ladies Panties, especially made from Special soft cotton.